Siemens NX for Non-Lab Use

Obtaining a license and media for Siemens NX

For certification of specific systems, video cards, OS, etc., please visit the Siemens Global Technical Access Center.

Obtaining a license for non-lab use

  1. Visit NX Staff/Student Use site for the license agreement.
    NX-License Agreement
  2. Enter your Michigan Tech ISO username and password (same password as for email).

Software Installation

  1. Connect to the campus VPN. Note: In order to start NX, off-campus NX users must be connected to the VPN and aquire an MTU address to establish a connection with the license server.
  2. Select the link for the "Engineering UGNX Install Drive."
  3. Enter your User name: MTU\userid (Make sure MTU is in CAPS)
  4. Enter your ISO Password (also, same password as for email). This will mount the drive as the L: drive (or possibly different drive letter for Vista) as shown below.
  5. 5. Select the correct NX7 Windows version installation .pdf instructions.
  6. If MTU\userid does not work and you cannot get past this login, your firewall may be blocking it. Temporarily shutting off the firewall may give you access to this. Start | Control Panel | Windows Firewall | Check off. Please remember to reset to ON after installing NX.
  7. If you are having problems installing after connecting to the drive, you can copy the directories and files from that drive onto your personal hard drive and install from there. If you are having problems connecting to the drive, you can log into another computer, mount the drive and copy the directories and files onto a CD and install to your personal computer from the CD.