Information Technology

Research Support

We offer advanced IT support for researchers in the areas of instrumentation support, geographical information sciences, and high-performance/high-throughput computing.

Resources and Information

ArcGIS Standalone Server

We support ArcGIS server installations and consult with researchers in applications of Geographical Information Systems and Science.

High Performance Computing Application Support

We provide support for numerous research applications - Amber, CPMD, Crystal, DMol3, Fluent, GAMESS, Gaussian, Mathematica, MATLAB, NAMD, Quantum Espresso, R, SIESTA, SMEAGOL, VASP - in compiling, benchmarking and integrating with a job scheduler on computing clusters.


We provide specialist support for LabView, a graphical programming environment use to interface with measurement and control systems.

Research Hardware Specification

Researchers or research groups with specialized computing hardware needs can avail themselves with our consultation service.

Cluster Software

Our research support group is trained in the installations of software packages in computing clusters.

High Performance Computing Programming Support

We offer consultation and training in software construction methods, usage of revision control systems, IDEs, testing and debugging practices to help researchers in tweaking their programs, and provide help in writing utilities (shell/perl scripts, smaller programs) that aid in speedy analysis of research data.

Research Equipment Interfacing

We support researchers with their instrumentation interfacing needs.

Research Software Support

We have a dedicated team of people to support research-specific software packages and uses.