Printing UPDATES

Husky-bw printer upgraded to Xerox printers

Michigan Tech IT has upgraded the former Kyocera (husky-bw) printers with high capacity/high efficiency Xerox WorkCentre 7855 printers to better meet the increased printing load on campus.

The following locations will only have a color printer but have the functionality to print from both husky-color and husky-bw queues:

  • AOB G004
  • Dow 7th floor
  • EERC Lobby
  • Fisher 232
  • M&M U203

When printing to the husky-bw queue on these dual-queue machines, students will not be charged. Any job sent to the husky-color queue will incur the standard color printing charge.

New Xerox husky-bw print drivers

Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to Devices and Printers


  2. Click -> Add a printer
  3. You get a prompt for the type of printer you want to install.
  4. Click -> Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.
  5. Windows will start searching for available printers.
  6. Don't wait for it to finish scanning; click -> The printer that I want isn't listed.
  7. Provide printer URL.
  8. Choose -> Select a shared printer by name.
  9. Enter ->
  10. Click -> Next. Windows will prompt you with a Add Printer Wizard to select your drivers.
  11. Click -> Have Disk. You will be prompted with a Install From Disk prompt.
  12. Click -> Browse. Navigate to the extracted drivers.
  13. Make sure x2DLUMX is selected.
  14. Click -> Open.
  15. Click -> OK When back in the Install From Disk prompt.
  16. Select the printer model.
  17. Select Xerox WorkCentre 5865 PCL6.
  18. Click -> OK.
  19. You may get a prompt Claiming Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software; this is due to the custom configuration modified within the driver to apply our setting on setup.
  20. Click -> Install this driver software anyway.
  21. Success! You added Husky-bw.
  22. Verify that the settings are correct.
  23. Right click on husky-bw.
  24. Click -> Printer properties.
  25. Go to the Configuration Tab and verify these settings:
    1. Connection: Off
    2. If enabled the printer will be extremely slow, and changing preferences will take far too long.
    3. Paper Trays: 6 Trays (High Capacity Feeder and Tandem Trays)
    4. If proper paper trays are incorrectly selected printjobs may not use tray 6(High Cap) first emptying other trays first making MTS have to refill paper more frequently.
    5. Finisher: Office Finisher
    6. If Office Finisher isn't selected features may not be available for use like stapling and hole punch.
    7. Hole Punch Module: Installed

If you have any questions or concerns, please call IT Help at 487-1111 or email

HuskyPrint Stations on Campus

AOB G004
Chemsci 100
Chemsci 717  
Dillman 101  
Dillman 209
Dow 7N
EERC 318  
EERC 723  
EERC Lobby
Fisher 232
Fisher 331  
Forestry 144
Library 100B  
Library 200A
Library 300A
Library G01A  
M&M U203
MEEM 122
MEEM 707  
Meese 100  
Rekhi 113A
SDC 200  
Walker 130