Information Technology

Instruction & Learning

Audio & Video Services

We repair and maintain university-owned audio-visual equipment. If available, an equivalent piece of equipment can be provided to a department while an item is being serviced. We provide audio-visual system integration engineering services for lecture halls, technology classrooms, and video conferencing.

Classroom Directory

We are dedicated to supporting traditional learning technologies and integrating the latest classroom instructional technologies into classroom facilities and assisting faculty with making the best use of these technologies.

Instructional Technology

IT supports the technology available in the classrooms: classroom PCs, projectors, technology podiums, iClicker, etc.

Learning Spaces

IT supports the technology available in various Learning Spaces throughout campus including classrooms, wireless lounges, open computer labs, and teaching labs.

Online & Blended Learning

HuskyCast delivers classroom lecture audio, video and screen/document recordings. HuskyCast is used for online courses as well as on-campus supplemental course content.

Technical Requirements

View technical requirements for Canvas, Michigan Tech's Learning Managment System, and HuskyCast, Michigan Tech's campus-wide video streaming service.