Information Technology

Communication & Collaboration

Audio and Video Conferencing

Information Technology offers videoconferencing and audio conferencing technology to the campus community, including Adobe Connect Pro and facilities in conference rooms throughout the MTU campus.

Electronic Signage

Our electronic signage infrastructure spans multiple systems and multiple display points throughout the campus; these displays offer information regarding events, announcements, menus, schedules, etc. The EDS system in particular features 20 display points throughout the campus and is also fed into MTU Cable channel 4.

Email, Calendaring, and Gmail Support

We have partnered with Google, the world-class email, calendaring and collaboration service, to provide you with your email address, as well as a host of other collaboration tools.

Mobile Device, Radio, and Pager Services

MTU IT provides a range of mobile services: radios, cell phones, pagers, smartphone support, etc.

Telephone Services

Michigan Tech supports a variety of voice services and systems for the campus community. Voice offerings include both analog and digital telephone service, voicemail, voice-recognition directory services, pagers, as well as local and long distance calling plans.

Television Services

The Telecommunications Department operates a Non-Cable MVPD / SMATV / Cable TV System to provide the Michigan Tech on-campus community with television programming.