Information Technology

Instructional Technology

We support a number of instructional technology products and services.

Canvas Learning Management System

Provides instructors and students with a web-based home for each of their courses. Course content and materials, including syllabi, lecture notes or slides, files and links to external sources, and audio-video content can be made available to students in a secure environment.


Captures class lectures and converts them into podcasts, video, rich media, and more for anytime, anywhere playback. Classrooms equipped with lecture capture technology are Rekhi G09, Rekhi 214, MEEM 111, MEEM 402, MEEM 406, and Dow 642.

Student Response System

Allows students to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by instructors during class.

Learning Space Technology

There are several different type of learning spaces on campus including classrooms, learning labs, open labs and mobile lounges. The type of learning space will determine what technology is available.

Presentation Systems

Learning Spaces on campus integrate with an audio/visual Crestron panel located at or near the instructional podium or table in each room. These touch panels control the room projector, lecture capture camera , and sources for presentations such as desktop PC, document camera, laptop or other auxiliary inputs.

Web & Video Conferencing

Web-videoconferencing software used to create live presentations, online training materials, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. The product is Adobe Flash based with an iOS App available. Please contact for web conferencing locations. IP-based (H.323) videoconferencing is used to provide live audio-visual communication sessions. Classrooms with H.323 videoconferencing technology are EERC 508 and ATDC 101.