Email Lists at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech uses Google Groups for new email list creation. Google Groups provides all the features of a standard email list system. Please reference Google's documentation for information on how to use Google Groups. Google Groups is also the best way to use email lists with Google's other collaboration tools. A properly configured Google Group can accept Google Calendar invites and items shared via Google Drive in an intelligent way.

To view the groups you're currently a member of, or to manage your groups or create new ones, please visit the "My Groups" section of Google Groups. Group creations are audited for abuse and compliance with Michigan Tech's computer use policy.

Google Groups privacy note:
The default settings for a Google Group will result in a group that anyone in the organization can read the archives (view topics) or join the group. Please pay attention to the settings for who can view topics and who can join the group on the list creation page. "View topics" permissions allows those users to view all group correspondence through the Google Groups web interface. "All organization members" means anyone with a email address.

Michigan Tech's legacy email list server, Sympa, is still active and manages many lists. Sympa should not be used for new email lists. To manage your Sympa email lists or list membership, please log in to Sympa ( We will be automatically converting existing Sympa lists to Google Groups in the near future - watch for an announcement on this later in Fall semester 2013.

To create a list for a department, organization, or committee:

To request a list for a class section: