Information Technology

Calendaring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who can use the Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite?

The Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite is provided to all faculty, staff, students and participating alumni. Access is gained by logging in at with your MTU ISO username and password.


Can I color-code my events?

Yes, you can attach to color coded tags to any of your activities.


How do I tell if somebody accepted a proposed meeting?

Pull up the proposed meeting details by double clicking the event and navigate to the Schedule tab. The schedule tab will display an indicator to the right of the person's name indicating whether the event has been accepted or declined.


How can I view meetings that last for less than half an hour without opening the event?

Mouse over the event and hover on the calendar for more information on the event.


How can I accept proposed meetings for the calendar of someone else if I manage their calendar?

To accept/decline events for someone else, select their calendar while logged into your Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite account, right click on the event, and select accept or decline.


How do I view two meetings scheduled for the same time?

When viewing your calendar, the two meetings will appear to overlap, so each is partly visible, and you can click on either one as needed.


How can I save an email I'm working on if I have to switch to my calendar to view something and then return to the email?

Click the "Save Draft" button. Then go do your work in the calendar. When you return to email, go to the "Drafts" folder, and double click on your message to continue editing it.


If I decline an invitation, why do I still see it on my calendar in a pale color?

This is a feature of the calendar system. After declining a meeting, you can delete it from your calendar if you don't want it at all. The idea is that you could later decide to accept the meeting if your schedule changes.


What if I don't want to use the calendar?

You can use your usual mail client such as Thunderbird. But you should enter the Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite at in order to turn off meeting invitations.


How do I turn off all (or most) meeting invitations?

Go to the Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite at to turn off meeting invitations. Pick "Preferences" and pick "Calendar". Navigate to "Permissions" and check the box "Allow these users to invite me to meetings."
Usually you would enter a list of those allowed to send and invite to you in this box. If you do not wish to receive any invitations, just leave this box empty.


Someone sent me a calendar sharing invitation, but I deleted it. Can I still get access to their calendar? ?

Yes, it takes only a few steps. In the Michigan Tech Collaboration Suite at chose the Calendar tab. Then right click in the skinny box in the left column where the word Calendars is seen (not the word Calendar but the word Calendars). Right click and choose Link to Shared Calendar.

This will open a box where you will fill in the other person's Email address. For Path put the word "/Calendar" with a forward slash as shown. In the Properties line you may enter anything which will help you know whose calendar it is, "Charlie's Calendar" for example. Now click OK. The new calendar should now appear in your list of calendars. You can check or uncheck it to display its events.