Information Technology

iClicker Classroom Response System

About iClickers

Michigan Tech has adopted a classroom response system to enhance the classroom learning experience. The system provides immediate feedback, encourages participation, and can assist with knowledge assessment. Many classrooms are equipped with a receiver to collect student iClicker responses. Please refer to the classroom directory. The receiver needs to be connected to a USB port of a PC or instructor's laptop. Instructors present a question and enable polling using the iClicker software. Each student responds by "clicking" the appropriate button for his or her choice. A wireless signal is sent from each responding clicker to the receiver. The receiver logs and stores the data of each student using the iClicker software. The instructor can then display response results in a graph, to the audience. The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to any grade book software or course management system.

Clicker Information for Michigan Tech students

When iClicker transmitters are needed for a course, they will be listed with the textbooks as required for the course. They will be found near the required textbooks and may be purchased from the Michigan Tech Campus Store. You only need to purchase a single clicker for all your courses. The same clicker can be used in different semesters. You should make a copy of the identification number on the back of the clicker and keep it in a safe place in case the number on the clicker itself becomes obscured. You will need to use the clicker identification number if you register your clicker on the iClicker website. Your instructors will provide information on registering your iClicker for the courses.

iClicker Information for Michigan Tech faculty

Instructors considering iClickers for use in class should contact User Services for an introduction to and demonstration of the system. User Services can provide instructors with a blue instructor remote and a loaner receiver to familiarize yourself with the technology. Most university-wide shared classrooms have an iClicker receiver installed. Contact User Services if one is not available in your classroom. The iClicker software and documentation is available from iClicker's website here.

For additional assistance, please email or call (906) 487-1111.