Information Technology

Accounts and Passwords

IT provisions and manages most of the computer accounts and passwords on campus. We help our users get accounts to our systems, reset passwords, etc. The campus features the Initial Signon System (ISO), which allows a single username and password to be used to access most of the electronic resources available to the campus community.

Resources and Information

Authentication Services

We provide authentication and authorization services for a broad range of Michigan Tech electronic resources, including the ISO system for single password sign on to resources on campus.

Identity Management

Our identity management (IDM) system provisions accounts and usage privileges based on user roles, enrollment status, etc. Our IDM solution, Abyss, was developed internally and has been in operation for nearly a decade.

Login and Password

We assist users with password resets, account and login creation, etc.

Need help with your password? Contact User Services at or (906) 487-1111 or visit the Help Desk in the Library.